Elegant Moccasins: A Must-Have for the Summer

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Refined and trendy, GuidoMaggi loafers and moccassins are the ones you do not want to forget to put in your suitcase!

A symbol of not only elegance but also versatility, the moccasin is a must-have shoe for every male wardrobe. The shoes have been a luxurious trend for years now, adding charm even in the most casual outfits.

Despite their centuries-old history, the moccasins have managed to impose themselves on current trends and fashion, always in reinvented colors and designs suitable for all tastes and occasions.

The moccasins are quite easy to match with daytime or nighttime outfits, as all you need is a nice pair of moccasins to feel refined and dynamic at the same time. These timeless shoes enrich the masculine look since the 1930s, giving a touch of style that knows no time. In short, every contemporary man should have at least one pair of high-quality luxurious moccasins to wear on many different occasions. They are chic and comfortable, therefore should never be forgotten during the summertime.

In case you do not know how to make the right choice for moccasins, GuidoMaggi is a good place to start.

Made with Italian excellence, GuidoMaggi elevator loafers are the real jewels to wear. The company is leading in the production of shoes with a rise, providing the customers with unique, custom-made models with superior quality materials. The GuidoMaggi moccasin is recognized by its prestigious style, attention to detail, and above everything- for the secret rise that gives extra inches in total discretion and comfort. With its stylish selection, GuidoMaggi offers a few models of moccasins that will give you the essence of true luxury on your feet.

dark brown leather opera loafers 4

Full of charm and character, Kensington is the moccasin made for the man who knows how to wear and live luxuriously.

Exclusive height increasing loafers, Kensington is made of full grain leather in a dark brown nuance and a hand-sewn genuine leather sole.

The shoes are handcrafted by the shoemakers of GuidoMaggi and are ideal to complete any kind of outfits, both formal and casual. The model increases the height by 6 centimeters.

Chic and refined are the two adjectives that best describe Natal, a lifting moccasin made for the classy men.

Natal is handmade in Italy, and the shoes features an upper made of suede calf leather of a bright mustard colour and a sole in real leather stitched at sight.
The Natal loafers increase the height of the 6 centimeters in absolute comfort.

mustard mocassini 2

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