GuidoMaggi Capsule Collection: Trendiest Sneakers of the Season!

fashionable red and white men shoes elevator sneakers - Guidomaggi Switzerland

Bringing the 90’s style back, the GuidoMaggi sneakers of the new Capsule Collection are a revival of a former trend with a new, even more fashionable touch to it. The trainers of the Italian brand are the embodiment of comfort, style, and elegance, perfect for top-level outfits.

GuidoMaggi launches the new Giant Capsule Collection specifically dedicated to chunky sneakers, which are the must-have of the season. The sneakers are doubtlessly icons of the ’90s, now returned to invade fashion in new guises.

The Giants, as the names of the different types of sneakers say, is a representation of not only the unique style of the brand, but also the dynamism and creativity. Inspired by the world of streetwear and hip-hop, this sneakers selection consists of innovative designs and fresh models. Unlike the other brands, what GuidoMaggi did with this collection as with any other, is that there is an extra feature included that makes the trainers exclusive – the discreet elevator system to increase height by up to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

Starting from influencers to celebrities and pop stars just like Ricky Martin and J Balvin, such sneakers must not be lacking in the wardrobe of a millennia. Although they are sneakers, the Giant are ideal for all occasions including casual and chic looks.

The models of the Giant Capsule Collection are a combination of skilled artisanship, inventive design, and high quality, ultimately becoming a necessity of men with refined taste. The sneakers are made by using quality materials such as full-grain leather, rubberized calfskin, nubuck, and suede. They stand out for their freshness and strength, and this stylish collection is among Italy’s most exclusive fashion collections. As a reinterpretation of the 90’s classics, the Giants are back to shine thanks to the unmistakable style of the GuidoMaggi brand.

multicolor giant model sneakers elevated - Guidomaggi Switzerland

The Giant Piranha elevator chunky sneakers are made using five different materials such as grey and blue suede, breathable and fresh blue fabric, ocher yellow nubuck, and while rubberized calf leather. Made in extra light rubber, the sole is two-colored in black and white.

These sneakers can be easily combined with different types of outfits, as they are trendy and dynamic. The Giant Piranha is available with an invisible total lift to from 2.4 (6 cm) up to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

In the name of casual luxury, the Giant Bull sneakers of the Capsule Collection are fresh and sporty sneakers that effortlessly complete chic outfits. The chunky trainers are made of red, black, and white rubberized calf leather that allows them to be breathable and waterproof. The sole is in black and white, and the model is available with an invisible height increaser to choose from 2.4 (6 cm) up to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

red giant model sneakers that make you taller - Guidomaggi Switzerland
black and white giant model sneakers - Guidomaggi Switzerland

As you would expect, the Giant Zebra chunky sneakers with a secret rise are made of black and white rubberized calfskin.

Such structure makes them waterproof, dynamic, breathable and fresh – perfect for the hottest months. The sole is in extra light rubber and the sneakers are able to increase the stature of the wearer from 2.4 (6 cm) up to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

Even though the whole Capsule Collection is notably rare, the Giant Blue Epi sneakers are one of the most unique models in the selection. Differently looking, the sneakers are made with upper in blue Epi fine leather and the sole is in black and white extra light rubber. The elevator system of this model starts from 2.4 (6 cm) to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

blue velvet increasing sneakers - Guidomaggi Switzerland
red and white giant model sneakers - Guidomaggi Switzerland

Inspired by the world of hip-hop and streetwear, GuidoMaggi presents Giant Snake sneakers. The Giant Snake is a model of elevator chunky sneakers that is handmade, just like every model of GuidoMaggi shoes that has an upper composed of red, white and blue full-grain leather and black sparkling calfskin. The sole is colored in black and white. The model increases the height of the wearer in an invisible and discreet way from 2.4 (6 cm) up to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

The Giant Shark chunky sneakers are trendsetters made of black and white calfskin with gray suede details.

Same as the other models of the Capsule collection, the Giant Shark has a two-tone sole in extra light rubber. The shoes have a total invisible lift from 2.4 (6 cm) up to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

black and grey giant sneakers - Guidomaggi Switzerland
blue and white giant sneakers - Guidomaggi Switzerland

Last but definitely not least, the Giant Dragon sneakers have a name that cannot be more appropriate. The trainers are trendy streetwear, inspired by the world of urban style and rap. The Giant Dragon chunky sneakers have an upper in rubberized calfskin, which is hued in white, black, and blue. The sole is in extra light rubber and it is colored in black and white. The model increases the height of the wearer from 2.4  (6 cm) to 4.3 inches (11 cm).

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