Handmade Elevator Shoes: high quality and impeccable style

Blue lace-ups blucher men shoes - Guidomaggi Switzerland

Known for his daring designs, Rick Owens is one in a long line of designers who utilize the element of surprise to sell clothing.

The label’s runway shows are nothing short of awe-inspiring, a characteristic that can also be seen in Rick Owens’ product line of clothing and accessories. High-quality construction, an edgy aesthetic and a commitment to impeccable style are just a few things that drive Rick Owens as a brand.

GuidoMaggi’s range of height shoes dares to mimic the same commitment. The brand’s Italian roots allow for a range of benefits, including superb quality construction and a variety of rare, luxurious materials. GuidoMaggi’s team of talented designers utilize an exceptional knowledge of fashion and trends to bring the latest designs to the masses. These luxury shoes for short men include loafers, dress shoes, elevator sneakers and dress boots, each made with fashion and function in mind.

Elevated shoes for short men are unique in composition. GuidoMaggi utilizes special 21st century lift technology to create a subtle increase in height that is both effective and fashionable at once. These elevated shoes revel in comfort and versatility. Stock up on one or several pairs to navigate the fall and winter seasons impeccably dressed and ready to impress.

A number of factors set GuidoMaggi height shoes apart from the rest. While elevated shoes are not a new concept, previous models didn’t possess the comfort factor that can be found in those carried by GuidoMaggi. Brands like Rick Owens are quickly catching onto the height shoes concept, but do so in a way that is obvious, and with little regard to a timeless sense of style. Where they fail, GuidoMaggi’s designs succeed. The Winter 2017 collection is home to a wide variety of striking styles guaranteed to satisfy every man, regardless of personal style. Whether yours is edgy, sophisticated, sporty or sleek, there is a model of height shoe just for you. If you can’t find one, customize your own to your exact specifications, making for a fit that is unlike any other you’ve experienced. With GuidoMaggi, exceptional style is just one step away.

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