National Geographic Announces: Most Shoes Are Made with Lots of Plastic

Handcrafted production of shoes made in Italy

Extremely difficult to recycle, plastic is our biggest enemy nowadays. In the planet’s defense, people should start wearing quality footwear just like GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, made of the finest leather and with an eye to environmental protection!

The majority of shoes, we as people produce nowadays are full of plastic. Needless to say, plastic not only is a toxic material but also a one that is very difficult to recycle. This unfortunate news were recently announced by National Geographic pointing a finger towards contemporary shoes, especially sneakers. The material that pollutes and causes a lot of damage to the planet Earth finds an increased usage in the production of footwear, more specifically the cheap ones. However, the contamination we do to our planet is great because of another major factor – it is very complicated to separate the various components and reuse them in a circular economy process. In the production of shoes, it is present in large quantities, from the upper to the sole, from the midsole to the laces, it is both, very complicate and expensive to separate these different components and reuse them in subsequent productions.

In the National Geographic’s article on the matter, the history of footwear production is retraced. As a result, we can all see how different things used to be. In the past, the companies used natural materials like rubber and leather to make shoes. During the last century, however, things started to change as industries were on the lookout of lighter and cheaper methods to make shoes, which ultimately led them to plastic. Due to the flexibility of plastic and multi-purpose, companies were able to create extravagant colors and shapes, inventing new fashion trends. Today, this practice is widespread because of its economy and versatility, resulting in plastics’ domination in the industry regardless of the level of damage it does to the planet.

With the well being of our feet and nature in mind, we should all start making smarter choices. One of the easiest decisions you can do today to protect yourself and the Earth from further pollution is to start embracing quality footwear made with raw materials.

This is what GuidoMaggi has been doing for a century always being attentive to environmental protection. The Salento company, leader in the production of handmade Italian elevator shoes, has used high-quality leather since the beginning. GuidoMaggi shoes are capable of giving the wearer up to 15 centimeters in height, are handmade and tailored by expert craftsmen who mold only fine leathers and top-quality materials. The elevator shoes meet the principles of eco-sustainability as well as they are metal-free creations made with respect for animals and with recycled water during the production process.

Leather, as a material, is a choice of style made consciously. It is more sustainable than the so-called “eco-leather”, which, if produced in countries like China, where the rules of eco-sustainability are not respected, has a higher pollution rate. On the other hand, all of the GuidoMaggi height increasing sneakers are made of leather and super light rubber, bespoke creations made with precious and eco-friendly raw materials.

Since the very beginning, GuidoMaggi shoes were and will remain a choice of style, a choice of conscious luxury.

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