Tall guys wearing Elevators! There are more than you think

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Why do lots of tall guys add height? Because everybody likes the feel of being taller.

The reason for this is really because almost all guys like being taller than they are, even tall guys and specially if they regularly see a guy around who is taller, and there is no ‘magic’ or ‘golden’ height which fits all. “Wow that guy is even taller than you,” said by a girlfriend or mate is more than a mild motivation to think “Hmm I wish I were 5 or 6 cm taller”. 

“Being taller” just feels good. An experience you get when you try on your elevators or experiment with lifts for the first time. Let’s be honest, if you were to give any single guy a cast iron guarantee that he could add 10cm to his height and no-one would ever notice, I know of very few guys who would not take up the chance. Of almost any height. I myself know this because when I add height it’s the tall guys are the ones who are most aware and who comment, and usually pretty competitively – and I even very occasionally get cards-on-the-table frank comments from guys well over 180 cm like “I know I am tall but you are taller, it looks really cool and that extra couple of inches would be sweet”. It certainly is the main theme of the tall guys who write to me about how to get taller.

With taller guys, some of it can be about competition – the advantages of height outweigh the minuses, there really is no doubt about that, and I see in my own working situation (in clubs) how guys ARE really competitive in this area. This just seems to have grown in recent years.  Height is not everything of course, very far from it, but the extra few inches always helps. And guys know this.

This business of image and size has changed a lot over the past 20 years – everything is bigger. This thing for size is relatively new and has an impact.

Guys who are tall and add height almost never have an issue with people suspecting that they add height – it is counter-intuitive for most to think a 180 cm guy would add a few inches and you are taller than almost all women anyway even without the extra. But the usual caveats apply – if your lifestyle is very sporty, or beach oriented, and you like wearing no shoes sometimes, then you have to limit your height addition: the up and down is LESS noticeable but still can be if you have a mate who is same type of height and you are trying to hit 10 – 12 cm extra.

But apart from that the sky, literally, is the limit!

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