The GREAT things about being taller

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There are just some pretty straightforward pluses that don’t get talked about enough. Above all the sheer joy of being TALLER…

We all just want to be naturally taller – most of us probably to an impractical degree if we were given the chance! But it must be undetectable and feel totally 100% right. And when you realize it is so easy if you follow the rules, the real pleasure in it is incredible.

We are not talking about the advantages of being “tall” – just the advantages of being taller than you are. Whatever your height.

Even a couple of inches makes a difference, whether you are short or tall already.  If you are not sure, give it a go with just a pair of lower elevators and you will see. The difference is real. Lifestyle, job, social life, leisure activities. But at its very lowest level added height works for every single guy, and at the higher level it works for a huge number as well. The key to deciding how far you can go presents itself to you over time, but there is one certain thing: if you start on the lowish side you really just cannot go wrong.

Taking on taller guys

Being out and about and convincingly shading others who otherwise might be as tall or taller than you is a great feeling, and at the low and medium levels no-one ever notices you are immediately taller. I made time to get used to adding height to decide how far I could go. If you have never added height, you obviously want to go carefully at it, but it is not as obvious to others as you think. 

Once you realize that no-one is querying your added height, or notices, it is an amazing feeling. 

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